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Collection: Eagle Pin Locks

When it comes to king pin security, the brand to know is Eagle Pin Locks.  As an established name of RV and trailer locks, Eagle Pin Locks offers the very best in theft-prevention technology. As a leading source for tow-away theft prevention, Eagle Pin Locks specializes exclusively in portable, easy to use security locks for both RVs and trailers. As a premier source for king pin locks, Eagle Pin Locks is a choice for small business owners, major fleets and individual RV owners.

Eagle Pin Locks Features:

  • Steel design for maximum security
  • Durable bright orange powder coated finish
  • Orange color is visible from a distance helping to prevent accidental hitching attempts
  • Multiple keying options

Keying Options 

When it comes to security for an RV or commercial trailer, you can never be too safe. These valuable assets should be guarded and protected on multiple levels. At Eagle Pin Locks, there is a recognition for the need of different keying options which is why the locks come in keyed unique and keyed alike.

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