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Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters


Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters

Custom, secure, and private, miniature motorsport garages with a retractable “roll top” feature allowing for fast, immediate, easy access to your cycle!

The main features and benefits of Speed-Way Shelters:

  • Weather Proofing
  • Ease of Assembly and Use
  • Strong and Durable long lasting materials and construction
  • Custom Designs with High Functionality

Simply pull your cycle right into a Speed-Way motorcycle shelter, lower the retractable cover over your bike and you are done!  With our motorcycle covers there is no wait time for pipes to cool.

Rest assured with Speed-Way covers knowing your bike is fully protected from all outdoor elements, in all seasons, from winter to summer.  Our motorcycle covers were designed with you in mind...

From the professional motorcyclist, the motorcycle commuter, to the weekend rider, we got you covered!


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