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EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station
EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station
EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station
EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station
EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station
EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station

EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station

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    • -3 x 600W AC OUTLETS AND 288Wh CAPACITY The RIVER 600 can power up to 10 devices simultaneously. With 3 pure sine wave AC outlets, the RIVER 600 can power some devices up to 1800W with the X-Boost mode on.  With a capacity of 288Wh, the RIVER 600 provides enough juice to run essential devices for hours, depending on the actual output. 
    • -RECHARGE FROM 0% TO 80% WITHIN 1 HOUR With EcoFlow’s patented X-Stream Technology, the smart inverter enables a fast rechargeability that takes less than 1 hour to charge from 0% to 80%, and it gets fully charged in 1.6 hours.  You can switch to a quieter charging condition by turning on the “Quiet Charging” status on the APP.
    • -COMPATIBLE WITH 80% HOME APPLIANCES The X-Boost Technology’s advanced built-in algorithm enables most heavy-duty kitchen appliances and tools (up to 1800W) to operate.  With X-Boost, RIVER 600 can power 80% of essential home appliances and devices, especially those within 1200W for a better using experience.  The discharging rates and X-Boost mode can be monitored and controlled through the EcoFlow APP.
    • -FIT YOUR NEEDS, NOW AND LATER Double the capacity from 288Wh to 576Wh with an Extra Battery, the modular design of RIVER 600, is the power that grows with your needs. Designed for mobility, the 11 lbs. solid yet lightweight RIVER 600 is slightly larger than a toaster, which is perfect to take out.  You can easily double the capacity of the RIVER 600 from 288Wh to 576Wh by integrating with an Extra Battery.

    *Please NOTE: This item is only applicable to orders in the US mainland states(except Hawaii, Alaska, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico).




    Hit the outdoors with RIVER and keep all your devices powered on at once. With a 288Wh capacity that charges to full in a record-breaking 96 minutes flat, you’ll have ease of mind to focus on your adventures.

    EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station


    The World’s Fastest Charging Power Stations

    EcoFlow have the world's fastest charging power stations. RIVER charges from 0-80% in under an hour, or to full in 96 minutes flat.

    EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station


    The Centerpiece of Your Adventure

    Power up to 10 devices at once with all the ports you’ll need.
    Sporting a 288Wh capacity, you’ll have enough juice to charge your phone 21 times, triple your drone’s charge, or make 12 cups of coffee with a coffee maker.
    Just don’t drink them all at once.

    EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station


    More Power to You

    EcoFlow’s proprietary X-Boost technology is a game-changer. Switch it on to power high-wattage appliances up to a whopping 1800W.
    That’s enough to power a hairdryer, a vacuum cleaner, or even a lawnmower.

    EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station



    Grab and Go

    With a sturdy handle on the top of the unit, RIVER is made for when you’re on-the-go.

    EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station



    Solar Charging

    EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station

    Harness the power of the sun by linking up to two 110W solar panels. You’ll be fully charged in under 3 hours.


    Car Charging

    EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station

    Heading on a road trip? Charge to full in just 3.5 hours by plugging right into your car with the car adapter.

    Wall Outlet

    EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station

    Plug into any standard AC wall outlet to fast charge from 0-80% in under 1 hour with X-Stream charging.



    What’s in the Box

    EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station

    1. EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station 2. DC5521-DC5525 Cable 3. 1.5m MC4 to XT60 Solar Charging Cable 4. 1.5m AC Charging Cable
    5. 1.5m Car Charging Cable 6. User Manual 7. Warranty Card



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What's the difference between RIVER, RIVER Max and RIVER Pro?

    A: Each of the RIVER Series has its advantages. RIVER is ideal for lightweight, grab-and-go power, which you can expand with the extra battery. RIVER Max includes the extra battery by default, which you can remove to go lightweight. RIVER Pro is made for those that need even more capacity for off-grid, long haul adventures.


    Q: Can RIVER handle high-wattage appliances?

    A: Yes. RIVER can power devices up to 1800W with our proprietary technology, X-Boost. *X-Boost can run devices that require up to 1800W, however, it’s best to test before use. Some 600W-1800W appliances with strict voltage requirements may not function (eg. air compressors).


    Q: Can I control RIVER remotely?

    A: Yes. You can control RIVER using your phone. Just link to it in the EcoFlow app to control it from afar.


    Q: Can I use solar panels with RIVER?

    A: Yes. You can connect up to 2 sets of 110W solar panels to sustainably charge your RIVER in under 3 hours.


    Q: Can RIVER be used as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)?

    A: It can be an emergency power source (EPS), which will have the same result as UPS for most electronics. Here's the difference.  When your RIVER is plugged into the wall, anything plugged into it gets power from the grid, not its battery. If power from the grid stops, RIVER automatically switches to its battery supply mode within 30 milliseconds. That means anything connected will not have power for 30 milliseconds, which may mean sensitive electronics like desktop computers and data servers turn off. Test your devices individually to see if they need UPS to stay powered.



    EcoFlow RIVER Portable Power Station

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